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BlackBee Investments Insights

Oil Twin-Win 9 delivers coupon of 6.5% after only 6 months!

Oil Twin-Win 9 matured on March 13th, 2017 on its first semi-annual Event Date.

BlackBee Investments Insights


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BlackBee Investments Insights

When the Unexpected Becomes Normal!

People are no longer happy with the status quo and are voting for change.

BlackBee Investments Insights

BlackBee delivering average returns of 11.7%

ALPHA products maturing over the last 2 years have provided an average gross return of 11.7%.

BlackBee Investments Insights

Pharma Twin-Win 1 delivers coupon of 3.5% after only 6 months!

Pharma Twin-Win 1 matured on March 20th, 2017 on its first semi-annual Event Date.

BlackBee Investments Insights

INTERVIEW: Structured Retail Products

SRP spoke to Victor Danylyuk, investment analyst at BlackBee, on the expectations for 2017.


Independent Financial Advisers

We offer clients access to the most relevant investment themes, asset classes and structures.

Institutional Clients

We work with our institutional clients to provide relevant analysis and tailored investment solutions.

Credit Unions, Charities & Corporates

We deliver investments based on strong credit quality and an ability to generate stable income streams.

Private Client Offerings

This service is provided on an execution-only basis for individuals and trusts with significant available assets.

Business Overview

Innovative Portfolio

Constantly evolving through ongoing innovation, our portfolio spans a wide variety of asset and investment themes.

Our People & Culture

Our team is comprised of a strong group of individuals with a depth of industry experience and expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility across environmental, social and governance factors.

Platform Providers





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