Niamh Leahy
Operations Manager

Niamh is the Operations Manager at BlackBee where she oversees the Firms Operations team who manage all investment applications, agency agreements, corporate actions & broker communications whilst ensuring adherence to AML for all applications.

Niamh is also an integral part of implementing the Firms Issuance programme and Funds platform. Niamh has worked on some of BlackBee’s largest transactions to date including two of the largest “Alternative Asset” investment issuances in the country.

Niamh’s experience encompasses various aspects of an Investment Firm such as Operations, Issuance of Securities and trading on some of the major global markets. She has been involved in many of the Real Asset products offered by BlackBee, specifically within Health Care, Hotels & Green Energy Sectors. Niamh also has experience with Finance and Compliance.

Niamh has over 10 years’ experience within the financial services sector and has vast experience in a number of fields including Banking, Accounting, Reports and Project Management.

Niamh has previously worked within the Banking and Insurance Sector.

Niamh has a Diploma from the Business College Cork in Business and Office Administration.

Niamh Leahy

+353 21 206 1710