About Us

Invested in long-term value with societal impact.

What we believe

We are an alternative investment manager seeking to combine strong investment returns with quantifiable impact and societal reach. We match smart capital to what we believe to be the best ideas. We do so based on the clear investment principles of risk, return and responsibility, something we term R3. Our team excels at managing risk, thinking innovatively and taking direct responsibility for the funds which we manage for our investors.

We challenge ourselves to think deeply about investments and never to be complacent. In doing so we are guided by our values which help provide direction for our ideas and streamline decision-making.

We’re here to make a difference. We believe it's our job to change things for the better.

We believe in the work we do and what we stand for. We offer investors the same confidence.

We are innovators by nature, always striving to drive change and new ways of doing things.

We are constantly looking for the best global insights to ensure we as a firm are adaptable and future-proof.

We believe information should be accessible. We strive to empower investors through improving accessibility and connectivity

We bring ideas to life. This begins by partnering with others.

People place their trust in us. We employ a strong governance framework to ensure we consistently deliver a high level of responsibility to this trust.

The BlackBee difference

As our ideas propel us forward and help solve the investment needs of our investors and the markets we invest in, our focus on infrastructure assets including healthcare projects and renewable energy that have a wider quantifiable impact and societal reach beyond just financial return.

Our in-depth knowledge of environmental, social and governance practices (ESG) are key to our impact investment strategies. We are committed to contributing to the economic and social development of local communities which we operate in, including our partnership with the Cork Camogie sports team – read more.

Our Technology

Accessibility and connectivity are integral to how we work. We are constantly developing new and improved ways to achieve this through our technology. Investing in technology allows smart investing and drives our business evolution.