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As part of our Q3 commitment to CSR and Charity, we are delighted to be supporting CyberSmarties, the first safe educational social network designed specifically for primary and special needs schools. Cyber Smarties was created by Diarmuid Hudner (Behavioural Psychologist) and his team to create a safe social media network for children that would be predator-free and enable them to develop much-needed skills for the future through behavioural messaging systems and emotional based reporting systems.

Basically ‘Cyber Smarties’ is the first ever predator free social media site, Cyber Smarties gives children a place to go where they can be safe, learn, and develop positive social networking skills for the future. Unlike existing social media, Facebook, Twitter etc. children are vetted and enrolled/added online through their own school/ teachers, avoiding predators being able to sign up externally.

The site not only promotes fun and safety but their entire premise is based on psychology and developing children’s social skills. The site promotes positive learning and deters children from cyberbullying behaviours online.

1) Predator Free
2) Authenticated through their School
3) Doesn’t allow ‘bullying/bad words’
4) No advertising

At face value, this is ‘the first ‘safe for children’ social media network’ that is being created, but also long term this project could have incredible transformational and long-term effects on societal change and the next generation of children in Ireland and hopefully internationally.

The technical/psychological side of the project was developed over 2 and a half years but they have only being up and running roll-out wise for approx. 6 months yet the site has already being trialled in 52 schools nationwide.

BlackBee’s commitment is to provide a local special needs school with the network at absolutely no cost to themselves! Our donation will enable the chosen school to purchase and implement this social media network for their children that will help them to develop not only socially and psychologically but also externally as they will be able to join up with other schools that have the network and work alongside these to create a safer world for our children!

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