Insights 17.02.20

13th March 2020

In this week’s Insights

  1. The Graph of the Week – The S&P 500 and gold continue to post record highs, in spite of coronavirus
  2. Key witnesses in Trump impeachment trial fired
  3. Argentina hints at eighth debt default in 200 years

And in At a Glance 

  1. The Irish Government is in a political limbo at the moment as parties vie for enough support from each other to form a government.
  2. Since Friday 14th Feb, the number of reported cases of coronavirus around the world has risen from 31.5k to 64.5k
  3. A small Korean Hedge Fund run by Ryukyung PSG Asset Management Inc., won big at the Oscars last week with their $500,000 investment in Bong Joon-ho’s Best Picture winning “Parasite”.

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