Macro Strategy

Diversifying strategies to reduce risk and deliver reliable sources of returns.

BlackBee is a provider of corporate private debt and equity financing, primarily for small to medium size enterprises. For investors seeking to diversify their investment strategies and yield enhancement, private debt and equity financing offers a wide array of investable and capital deployment opportunities.

Our solutions offer investors exposure to non-traditional assets to help drive returns and diversify their portfolios. Extracting yield somewhat relies on an illiquidity premium due to the longer term nature of these investments. In parallel, our solutions enable the firms which we invest in expand their sources of financing and develop and grow their businesses.

BlackBee has been active in sectors including healthcare, medical devices, health foods, renewables, hospitality and real estate. We have a strong track record in structuring deals and generating real returns throughout the economic cycle.

Active Areas

Private Debt

Provider of senior and subordinated sources of debt financing.

Private Equity

Provider of equity sources of financing.


Solutions to extract fixed or variable sources of income using a structured approach.

Meeting Investor Needs

Asset Classes

We aim to be creative and anticipate the evolving needs of investors by developing solutions across a range of asset classes.

Global Outlook

Our investment offering is not constrained by borders; while we operate on a local basis we think globally, allowing us to be unconstrained with our ideas.

Solution Driven

We seek to understand investor requirements and create solutions across a range of offerings, including the creation of customised solutions.

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