Well-run and well-governed companies should lead to a more sustainable outcome for society at large.

BlackBee has a strong and experienced board that is committed to the highest levels of corporate governance.

Corporate Governance

BlackBee has established a robust corporate governance framework within the group, which allows us to apply the core principals of good corporate governance, fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency. We believe that culture is a key driver of conduct and that strong leadership at senior level is essential in embedding the desired underlying mindset. We have a strong set of values, which are cascaded down from board level and senior management in order to provide the best protection for our employees and investors. This is achieved through leading by example and ensuring clear and consistent communication of our values at all times.

We also employ highly qualified and experienced staff, who all demonstrate the BlackBee Values. We are committed to building a business for the long-term, forging lasting relationships with our customers and employees, by understanding our responsibilities and conducting ourselves appropriately. We are passionate about our work and are committed to providing superior products and services.

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