BlackBee’s partnership
with Individuals

We are a team of alternative specialists. We partner with private wealth managers to develop solutions for their clients.

Every client is unique and their objectives vary. By building solid partnerships we can help you to overcome your clients’ challenges and realise their investment ambitions. We can help you diversify their portfolios beyond traditional opportunities and access institutional-quality products.

Talk to us today about building solutions tailored to your clients.

Whether it’s building on existing assets, preserving wealth or leaving a lasting legacy, in times of uncertainty, it is vital to protect what is precious to us.

Featured Investment


BlackBee Healthcare Bond II


Technology is powerful when it serves a direct purpose for our investors. With Connect, our clients have access to a dynamic online platform that delivers quick and easy access to investment portfolios, valuations and updates. Connect represents the value we place on making information readily accessible in order to empower better investor conversations.