Our Technology

Innovation is part of our DNA


BlackBee Connect is a dynamic online multi-currency platform designed for Financial Advisers & Clients. With quick, easy and secure 24/7 access to a clients’ investment portfolio, Connect represents the value that BlackBee places on making information openly accessible in order to empower great client conversations.

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HIVE is our proprietary cloud-based portfolio management system for handling day-to-day business activity. It combines operations, trading, finance, compliance and risk features on a single platform.

Used on an organisation-wide basis, it captures all transactional and associated activity allowing for operational scale, trading and risk control. By uniting information and people through a centralised source of data, HIVE helps in decision-making, risk management and trading. It provides operational scale and excels in reporting.

Powerful reporting functionality allows for effective communication and management by connecting information across a centralised source.



Invest and allocate capital more efficiently and effectively by leveraging Blockchain, an emerging technology that allows for a distributed and decentralised public digital ledger.

Blockchain digitally stores transactional and ownership data, which allows clients to benefit from greater transparency, efficiency and security, while reducing costs. Quite simply, Blockchain has the potential to radically change and transform the financial industry.