Renewables Strategy

Generating returns while creating a cleaner future.

Our renewable energy interests focus on wind, forestry and solar. Our existing renewable assets portfolio, located on the island of Ireland, is focused on medium-sized wind turbine developments. Due to Irelands geographical location, wind energy is the largest contributing resource of renewable energy on the island, and the second largest source worldwide. We normally partner with leading operating providers in the acquisition, development and operation of facilities, while benefiting from economies of scale in the process. Advances in technology and the increased scale of the industry have increased the cost competitiveness of renewable energy sources over the past decade, while the sector traditionally benefits from government backed incentives arising from renewable energy targets. We are currently exploring opportunities across other forms of renewable energy sources including biomass and solar.

Interested Areas


Ireland’s wind resource potential is vast and among the most cost effective of any renewable source in Europe.


The renewable heat sector is forecast to be driven by biomass of which wood fuel will be the biggest contributor.


Solar PV is rapidly growing with continued growth expected due to renewables requirements in building regulations.

Our Approach


We partner with leading operating providers in the acquisition, development and operation of facilities. These relationships are long lasting and allow our partners to focus on what they do best.


We can apply our knowledge to assess, acquire and manage sustainable renewable opportunities on behalf of investors and apply arrangements for the ongoing maintenance and development of these assets.


We invest across different types of renewable energy sources that work for positive environmental change. Over time, this leads to more projects which contribute to the wider goal of a greener, low carbon environment.

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Renewables Insight

Diversification, protection against inflation and a positive impact on society are among the benefits offered by forestry to investors.