Healthcare Strategy

The coming together of Capital and Care under a single strategy.

Shifting demographics, people living longer and a lack of infrastructure present challenges for residential care in Ireland. BlackBee combines capital and care through our healthcare strategy to meet these challenges.

We invest over the medium-term under a single strategy to deliver the optimal solution for residential care and investors. We leverage our deep knowledge and expertise in the sector, one which drives innovation and aims to leave a measurable social impact by improving the lives of patients through operational excellence in its delivery of patient care.

Through our strategic and analytical approach, we have executed a number of transactions as part of our strategy to deliver the optimal solution for residential care and investors. Our dedicated operating company in the sector continues to target opportunities across Ireland, seeking to take advantage of consolidation opportunities arising from a fragmented sector.


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Our Approach


We target modern residential care facilities with excellent track-records in care delivery. Assets with expansion potential provide opportunities to enhance trading performance and centralised operations allows for greater efficiencies.


State of the art residential care developments on greenfield sites will set new standards, be located in well populated areas and allow residents to remain connected to family and friends.

Operational Excellence

Reputation, high standards of facilities and a care-centred ethos are core to our strategy. The vertical integration of the operational company within the investment structure ensures alignment of values

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Healthcare Insight

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